Monday, July 5, 2010

We're Coming Home!

One week from today we will be arriving in the wonderful state of Mississippi!!!

We are very excited to come home for a little while, but to be honest, we are fearing that there is a good chance that we just might melt! I'm afraid the Northern air and breeze has made us soft. Last week the temperature got up to like 88 degrees. Someone that I work with suggested that everyone should be careful because as she said, "the heat might cause heat combustion and bust windows out of cars." She was serious! It was everything I could do not to laugh at her! Anyway, we are not looking forward to the heat, but it a strange way, I think we will embrace it just because it will feel like home.

All that said, we are doing well here in this last week before we come home. Becca is finishing up a workshop at the school. She has really enjoyed it and has learned a lot. Work is going well for me, and Sunday I will be preaching at a church in Rochester before we leave for our trip. After the service, we will have lunch with friends and then begin our way to Louisville, where we will stay for the evening. So please pray for us and pray that I will speak the Word of God in the way only He could speak it through me.

As for our visit, we hope to see a lot of friends and family, but to be honest, we unfortunately may not get to see everyone. Part of the reason we are coming down is that I am coming to hopefully try to raise a little more money for the campus ministry I am starting here. If anyone has connection to a church that you think might like to partner with me or give a one time gift, please let me know. I will also be involved with a new church plant this coming September, so the funding will help me start the campus ministry in Brockport and assist in the church plant in Rochester. Most of all, I am asking for your prayers for growth, provisions, and guidance on what the Lord wants.

Along with the support raising efforts, we will be visiting people in Hattiesburg and most definitely visiting family and helping my grandparents move. We also will be attending the first Sleger family vacation since Becca lived in Baton Rouge (I think...just has been a long time...that's the point).

We hope to see as many people as we can!

Please pray for us this week as Becca finishes the workshop, as we prepare to travel, as I prepare a sermon, and as we start our travels!

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