Friday, June 25, 2010

A Sweets Confession

As I said in the previous blog, Becca and I are trying to workout with the P90X program. If you know anything about P90X, you know it is intense in physicality, mentality, and in how you eat. Eating well makes a difference in the results you see, which is obviously the case in pretty much every activity. The program comes with a diet program that we have found to be very difficult to follow. Therefore, we try to just generally eat healthy. There's nothing wrong with that. However, we have a strong struggle with sweets. Becca and I do not help each other out with sweets. If I want something sweet, she will have some too. If she wants something sweet, then of coarse, I will have something as well. So, we thought it would be wise to do a sweets fast for a week...Let me tell you how this went...

We thought we would start this fast on Sunday (Father's Day), however, we were given two mini pies at church. So, of coarse, we didn't want them to go to waste...both little pies were eaten as soon as we got home...Happy Father's Day, right? Anyway, after eating our Father's Day pies (which by the way, I am not a father...the church had a lot left over...just needed to clarify), we decided ok, no more sweets. So for a couple days (actually, I think it was a day and half), we did well. Ate healthy meals and had no sweets. Around Tuesday, however, we decided "you know, Domino's has a really good deal on two-topping pizzas, so maybe we should get one for lunch then I could take leftovers to work that night." Logical, right? So we ate very unhealthy pepperoni and banana pepper pizza for two straight sweets though! The next day i did not go into work until 5pm, so we decided to go into town and enjoy the day together. We had a healthy sandwich from Panera, then went to the mall. After the mall, we thought that it was such a nice day and I still had a couple hours that it would be a great idea to go to Starbucks, sit outside, and enjoy a nice coffee drink. But, what drink did we get? It was a warm day, so of coarse, we got one of the new fraps!...we did add more coffee and less flavor, so that has to count for something, right?

Then comes Thursday....

You know, sometimes when you're faced with a buy one get one free milk shake from your favorite ice cream place, you hate to see it expire without using! We fell into temptation! We each had Vienna Mocha Chunk shakes, and we LOVED them!! So the sweets fast is off....maybe next week?

ps: I am going to blame the shakes for the reason I did so poorly in my first softball game in over a year...shakes were right before the game...0 for 7...yes, I'm going to blame the shakes...but, I think they were worth it!

GO USA!!!!!

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  1. Chris, you certainly have a way with words...good blogging...bad fasting equals hysterical reading for me!!! :)