Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The McArthur's 1st Blog

So we have never done this before, but we figure all the cool people are doing it. Plus we thought this could be a fun way to keep people updated on our big adventure of planning to move to New York, then getting there, and then what is like up there.

Becca will be finishing her job as a nurse tomorrow! She will no longer be able to claim that she is a nurse, which is somewhat unfortunate. She will, however, be able to call herself an active dancer again, and that is very cool! For the next month she will be doing her best to train and get ready for school, as well as, spending much needed time with her family and friends.

Chris will continue to landscape up until they leave for New York (which is Aug 1, by the way). He will continue to work out in this scorching heat and continue to get more tan, so he can get to New York and make all those Northerners jealous...haha. He is also eagerly applying for jobs up there, so we pray that he will find one soon!

We ask that anyone and everyone, please be praying for us as we try to get everything worked out and prepared to leave. We know this is what God wants, because he has done nothing but provide and guide us in the way to go. Your support is greatly appreciated!

More updates to come....